Summer School


We school year-round but take a decidedly laidback approach to summer.  I don't know about you, but I am SO done with school right now.

We continue a light touch on math each morning, and some of my kiddos haven't finished up subjects from the school year so they'll be getting those done as well.  But then I always let them choose a subject or two and a project they want to pursue for the summer.  This year my middle daughter wants to learn how to jump rope, so we even put that down on the schedule.

This is what summer's school load will look like:



Free Choice Reading         

Logic (his choice- gotta love these homeschoolers!)

Drafting (also his choice)





Math Drill


Free Choice Reading


Theory (his choice- he plays the guitar)








Free Choice Reading


Legends and Leagues

Greek (his choice- again, gotta love these homeschoolers!  You should have seen him the day this arrived in the mail.  It was as if the mail lady had delivered a giant vat of ice cream- he was THAT excited!)








Continue Pathway Readers

Young Lady of Valor and Ruby Doll Kit

Signing Time



Counting With Numbers


Preschool Workbook

Learn to jump rope

Signing Time

Learn to swim




Be cute


Make us laugh

Signing Time

We can finish breakfast, Circle Time, chores, and school all before lunch.  Then after lunch we swim, I read aloud for an hour or more while they play Legos, draw, or otherwise keep their hands busy.  Swim some more, swing on the hammock, swim again, then make dinner. 

Aaaaaah.  I love summer!