Count Your Blessings

Now, you all know what a good gleaner I am…


I gleaned the idea to make a yearly list of things I love from my young friend Rebecca. Each year on her birthday, Rebecca makes a list of things she loves- at 25 she listed 25 things, at 26, 26 things, etc.


While relaxing in Whistler with girlfriends, I made my list according to the age I’ll be next birthday:

  1. Apple crisp a la mode

  2. The smell of coffee

  3. Fletch's midday phone calls

  4. IMing with Smidge

  5. Chai Tea Lattes

  6. Bed

  7. My buckwheat pillow

  8. Wool slippers

  9. neck hugs

  10. Tasha Tudor

  11. Listerine Pocket Packs

  12. Fuzz Buzzes (fresh peach drinks my hubby makes)

  13. Cashmere

  14. Scharffenberger

  15. It's It

  16. Mozart

  17. Diego Rivera

  18. The beach

  19. Dinners on the back porch

  20. The library reservation program

  21. Hiring someone to do the ironing

  22. Sitting in the hammock with the kids

  23. Fountains

  24. Valley summer evenings

  25. drawings

  26. Knitting with soft yarn

  27. Dulce de leche

  28. Summer

  29. Wimbledon

  30. Emails from my brother Jeff

  31. Fly

  32. Best friends

  33. Mays in Canada

  34. freckles

  35. Milly Molly Mandy

  36. watching little people I love grow up

  37. It’s just good practice to count our blessings and focus on what makes us smile. Often we mothers of preschoolers get bogged down in the nitty gritty of our days. Pulling our heads up out of the work and responsibility to take a refreshing breath of air can give us a thankful, joyful nudge toward the next days, weeks, months and years.