Thirteen Rules for Gentlemen


Here are the much-requested 13 Rules for Gentlemen:

1. Always hold a door open for a young girl or woman and wait for her to go through first.

2. Help ladies with removing or putting on a sweater or coat.

3. Always seat ladies at the table first, then take your seat.

4. Rise from your seat when a woman enters the room and see that she has a comfortable place to sit.

5. The gentleman always walks on the curbside with a lady.

6. Always carry packages for a lady if you are walking together.

7. If a lady drops something, always stop and help her pick it up.

8. Do not embarass a lady by teasing her in public.

9. Use self-control with your speech.

10. Flee situations that might lead to stumbling into sin.

11. Do not make rude noises or laugh at others who behave inappropriately in public.

12. Remove your hat when you go indoors.

13. God's desire is that you grow into a godly young man.  Meditate upon His Word!

I don't know to whom I should give credit for this list.  I copied it years ago so if you know the source, please be sure to share it with us.