Thirteen Rules for Ladies




Good stuff here for all of us to remember, with the goal being to treat others better than ourselves.

1. Graciously allow a male to help you, even when you don't need help.

2. Greet people by name.  Look someone in the eye and say “Hello Mr. Kelly” instead of “Hi".

3. Respect other peoples' privacy by not involving yourself in their conversations.

4. Do not interrupt conversations.  Wait for a break in the conversation before beginning to speak.

5. Likewise, do not enter a room talking.  Take a moment to make certain you are not interrupting a conversation.

6. Always acknowledge gifts.  Write a personal note mentioning the gift by name to each donor.

7. Always look around you to see what needs to be done and how you can help.  Ask your hostess, "What can I do to help you?"

8. Do not embarass anyone by teasing them in public.

9. Use self-control with your speech.

10. Flee situations that might lead to stumbling into sin.

11. Do not make rude noises or laugh at others who behave inappropriately in public.

12. Dress in such a way that your femininity is not in question.  God made you a girl and you want to dress like a girl!  Be certain that what you are wearing does not reveal anything inappropriate.

13. God's desire is that you grow into a godly young woman.  Meditate upon His Word!