Finding Quiet Time- Andrea

Several of you sent me really wonderful answers for the contest on finding quiet time amidst homeschooling with preschoolers.  Over the next few days, I'll be posting them one-by-one.  You have excellent things to share!

Unfortunately, my technique is not very creative but it is just about making the time. I wake up an hour before the kids to have my quiet time with the Lord. During school weeks my 3 older kids wake up too to have their quiet time and start their math. They know that this is not their time with me. I usually read a 10 minute devotion from One Hundred and One Devotions for Homeschool Moms then use the Scripture reference from that to springboard myself into an in-depth reflection of the verse in the Bible. I have also just listened to Marcia Somerville's Toolbox Approach to quiet time and I am starting to use her written charts to maintain my focus on the Lord during my prayer time.


The bottom line is just doing it. I used to think of my QT as a small rock rather than a big rock. Sometimes happened and sometimes it did not. Thinking of the rock analogy when you put all your little rocks in your jar (your day) first your big ones can't all fit in as well. But if you put your big ones in first the little ones all fall between the gaps created by the big ones. So now I do my big rocks first and if there is time I work my little rocks in after. Viewing my QT with the Lord as a big rock helps me to give up that extra sleep in the morning and make it a priority. It just doesn't happen later in my day as my house is never quiet once the troops are in full force!