Finding Quiet Time- Heidi Kemp

Heidi's words are encouraging, too, and if you are not a morning person (that's not me, either) you will appreciate her honesty.

When I first read the question I thought How Do I find the Time?  When I first started down this road of motherhood I struggled with the universal thought that you should get up early and have your 30 mins to 1 hour devotions and prayer time with the Lord.  I have really struggled with this my whole Christian life.  You see I am not a morning person.  No matter how hard I have tried I know now that I am fighting a losing battle.  The problem is that everyone else that seemed so spiritual got up at dawn to have their time with the Lord.  The Lord has shown me though that the time of day is not important but the TIME is important.

I now have my time with the Lord at really what might seem like the oddest times to some.  My longest period of time is probably no more than 30 mins (if I am lucky).  This is in the morning with my second cup of coffee (by morning I mean after 9am).  My girls 8 and 7 are busy with handwriting and phonics workbooks.  My boys 2 and 3 are usually outside playing.  This is when I do my Bible reading.  Understand I do not really have any serious prayer time then.  I found it is both frustrating and dangerous to try to do this with the kids playing (ask me how I know this!!!)  I find other times to have wonderful prayer time.  My favorites are while washing dishes,  while driving, and the bathroom(the only place I really get to by myself, well most of the time).  In a life full of so many things to do and people to do them for I have to keep focused on what really counts.  If a subject gets pushed aside for my time with the Lord it is ok.  If someone is sick singing praises to Him while rocking the child is a blessed time with my Lord.  I protect my time even though I don't have an allotted time in my schedule.  I know I am nothing with out Him.  I will never be the wife, mother and teacher I know He wants me to be if I neglect my time with Him.

Just a note--  the days I do forget or neglect are by far the worst for me and everyone around me.  Just a little warning.  So be of good courage and be strong in the Lord.  He will help you through, all you have to do is ask.

In and Through Him,

Heidi Kemp