What's on the Clipboard?



Dana asked me, "What's on the clipboard you carry around?"  Well, I don't remember as I've been clipboard-free all summer long!


Alas, school is creeping up on our household, and once I start to feel better I will also have to reclaim responsibility for all the household tasks I've pawned off on my (mostly) willing family members.

So, what is on the clipboard?


  1.  A copy of our current schedule, safely ensconsed in a sheet protector.

  2.  The week's tasks as already thought out by Motivated Moms.  I also jot down other things on these sheets that we need to accomplish.

  3.  Each child's list of schoolwork for the year.  These are simple lists that just remind my muddled brain of who is studying what and in what book.

  4.  A list of chores that can be used as discipline.  Off the cuff I can look at this list and assign a little extra work to a child who has earned it.  Sample jobs are cleaning the mailbox, cleaning the garage and front doors, and assembling a snack for the preschoolerer for after her nap.

  5.  Anything else I add for the day that I want to be constantly reminded to do, such as thank you notes or phone numbers for calls I need to make.

In short, the clipboard is my mobile brain.  I think I've mentioned this before, but thinking by the seat of my pants isn't one of my strong suits.  I am a planner and when the kids are all talking at once, the dog is barking, and dinner needs to be made, I. just. can't. think.