Cleaning with Kids

Have you discovered The Clean Team? Jeff Campbell is the author of the Speed Cleaning series of books and I have been a devotee of his methods for a long, long time. I also love several of his products, including Red Juice and the Sh-Mop.

And then almost four years ago we moved into 4400 square feet. While wonderful (we'd had five children in just over 1600 square feet before and were doing school in the garage), it was an overwhelming task to clean the place. So my husband decided that regular housekeepers were much-needed. We aren't paying for private school, and believe me, the cost of a housekeeper is far below what we would be paying for school. But I digress.

This month my housekeeper let me know that she wouldn't be able to travel to our home anymore. I haven't found a replacement, but I told my older industrious children that if they wanted to watch the Speed Cleaning DVD, I would be happy to pay them what I paid her. Their eyes became very, very wide. They agreed this was a grand idea.

Here they are, first day on the job: