So you thought you could do it all...

May I share with you some wisdom my husband emailed to me at a particularly stretching time of my life? I have edited some of what he wrote for personal content, but I thought the remainder might bless you, too, today.



So, somewhere along the way you got the idea that you can do it all.

Here's your reminder: you can't do it all... stop trying.

Expect to not accomplish much today! 

Expect frustration! 


Expect both sets of workers (we were renovating bathrooms at the time) to show up late or not show up at all. 


Expect the tile guy to call with bad news. 


Expect H, N, J, A, and C to act like they are the only child in the world. 


Expect your faith to be tested and stretched. 


Expect to be utterly exhausted by the time I come home.


Expect to want to run away from all of your responsibility.


Expect to believe that you stink at all you are doing.


Expect to believe that you are not making a difference and that what you do is never enough.


Expect no one to be appreciative of you.


Expect Satan to sell a lie to you today that "your life would be better if..."


Then when you are done expecting those things, remember a few others:


Remember that Christ sits on the throne.


Remember that He takes pure joy in you and wants you to take pure joy in Him, even in the midst of trials and temptations.


Remember that even if they don't say it, every kid in this house loves you and would be hopelessly lost without you.


Remember that I love you and would be hopelessly lost without you.


Remember that you and I only see each other during the crummiest part of the day.


Remember that Barbara Bush was from deep oil money. (I was reading her biography at the time and wondering how she did all she did)


Remember that H is smart, N is strong, J is sweet, A wants to be like you, C is pure joy, and A needs everything you can give her.


Remember that you could be working at my office and hear about dysfunctional families, corrupt marriages, that “men are p*gs”, and the rest of the stuff I hear...


God tells us that "He KNOWS the plans that He has for us". Not only does He know them, He wanted them for us. It's more then just allowing them; He sovereignly chose them for us, so whatever He brings down the pike today- expect it.

Phew! That gave me a good shot in the arm. How about you?