Art With a Purpose

I've seen a lot of curriculum come on the market in the past eleven years of homeschooling. One of the first things I purchased was Art With a Purpose, and it has served us well with each child. I didn't realize until I was looking for the above link that the individual Art Pacs were so reasonably priced. Here I've been using the same one for every child, but at $8 per pac, each child really could have their own.

I'm not an artist and I struggle to come up with projects for the little ones. Art With a Purpose Art Pacs have given me projects that are quick to pull together and not a big deal to produce. Certainly there are flashier art products on the market, but for the price and the simplicity, Art With a Purpose is a good bet.

Yesterday our six-year-old spent a happy 15 minutes waiting for everyone else to be done with their school work. Here's what she accomplished:


 Happy girl, happy mom, cute Mrs. Snowman.

Next time I'll write about a fabulous art program we've loved that is geared more toward the 6 and up crowd.