Creativity Express

As I wrote before, I am not an artist. I can do plenty of other things, but art-- oy! I really stink! Once I drew a picture of a monkey on our white board and it sent my kids into such a fit of giggles we had to stop school. To this day they jokingly remind me of the funny "blob with a tail" I drew.

So as I was thinking through the 2007/2008 school year last summer, I was a little stumped in the art department. Timberdoodle, one of my favorite homeschooling resource providers, recommended a computer-based art program called Gee Art, and after viewing the sample on their website, I took the plunge and ordered it.

Super. Really, really super! I learned so much just sitting by the kids as they explored its many levels with all kinds of art history facts, artist profiles, masterpieces, and even hands-on projects that allow the student to explore concepts of color, spacial relationships, and other art concepts that are a bit beyond me to pull off. The animation is excellent, done by former Disney animators.

Just one problem: Gee Art was a subscription-based, online program that required internet access to use it. Since our schoolroom computers don't have internet access, that meant the kids were always needing to use my laptop in order to utilize Gee Art. No problem unless I also needed to be using my computer, too. But guess what? The creators of Gee Art have now redesigned the program to be accessed on a CD, at a very reasonable price. They also renamed it "Creativity Express".

Creativity Express includes a year's worth of art instruction that meets National and State Standards for Art Education established by the Consortium of National Arts Education Associations, and also meets the guidelines outlined in the National Technology Plan.