For Stacy- A Simple Woman's Day Book



As per Stacy's long-ago request:

In the kitchen... Creme brulee for dessert after a salmon dinner.  Baked artisan loaves, too.

I am thankful for...
- A husband who sacrificially and joyfully puts us above his other worldly obligations.
- A Mighty Joe beating the odds.
- Children who take care of the ones below them.

I am wearing... a Land's End khaki skort and an aqua blue t-shirt.  Oh hey!  Just like in the photo at the right.  Maybe it's time to go shopping.  Starfish earrings.

I am sewing... hems, hems, and more hems.  Short girls will have to hem the rest of their lives.  This I know.

I am hearing... Nate on the guitar.  He gets better and better each week.  Girls giggling before bed.  Husband clacking the computer keys.

I am reading...
A Gift From the Sea.

I just saw... a goose egg on Christian's little head.  Stroller crash.

I am looking forward to... a weekend away with husband and best friends.  And Miss Pearl's.

I am thinking... about the music I want to upload to my iPod for the day tomorrow.

I am remembering... that there are many, many other things I ought to be doing other than this post :)