Scented Dough

There are lots of recipes out there for homemade play dough, and although we've tried several, we've never loved any enough to make the savings worth it to us.

On top of that, I really, really don't like Pla-Doh. Ever tried to get it out of carpet? To me, the mess isn't worth the play, but you might feel differently and that's entirely ok. I have a young artist friend and mom whose children create wonderful things every day, and she once asked me, "You aren't one of those boring Wikki Stix moms, are you?" Why yes, as a matter of fact I am. And I don't feel badly about it. I am also a kit-buying mom, so my kids do get some creative time and have produced enough art to blanket the neighborhood in drawing paper.

Because of my Pla-Doh-hating confession, you might feel as my friend Lisa did when I told her I have found a play dough I love. She was in shock. But it's true, and it just took a company that would add scent to make me love this stuff. Here it is:


Lakeshore Learning produces and sells this fruity scented dough and I am in serious love with it. I relegated two old jellyroll pans to the use of scented play dough, and when it had completely dried out by the end of last year, I thought, "Oh good! I can buy some new ones in the fall!"