I Won't Forget to Buy Diapers and Wipes

Ever get to the end of the box and think, "Yipes! I need to buy diapers!" I have a new-found solution. Amazon has an automatic shipping program called Subscribe and Save. Lisa tipped me off to the diapers there because she had priced them and found them to be a great deal. And since I am a homeschooling mother of a newborn I rarely leave my house, and the fact that these are shipped to me free is a huge bonus. I set my subscription to deliver them every two months and I am going to be tracking our usage so I can see if I need to adjust my shipping schedule.They have several brand options for diapers and wipes, but these are the best deal I found. And did I mention you'll get 15% off that price if you Subscribe and Save? Plus free shipping. Mine arrived the next day!Tracy and others interested in Subscribe and Save: the above link will now take you through a Preschoolers and Peace link, so no need to go through the sidebar.  Thanks!