Joe's Diagnosis

Praise the Lord for His care of us through such a competent staff. We just met with his doctor and we were told that Joe has tested positive for Enterovirus. For adults, that means vomiting and diarrhea, but with little guys like is worse. In his case, the virus has caused sepsis (entire body infection) including his brain. The bummer is that there is no way to treat a virus directly, so we just treat the symptoms.

Prayer Requests:
*They know Joe has had some brain damage due to fluid swelling, but there is no conclusive test/evaluation to figure out the extent of the damage. We might not know for weeks, months or years...Join us in praying for NO long term damage.
*Since he has multiple systems struggling right now, please pray for protection of further damage and for quick healing and function.
*He has an EEG right now and just had an ultrasound to check his kidneys. Pray that the brain activity is normal and that the kidneys start working.
*He may require dialysis. Pray that his kidneys just start working.
*The doctor has informed us that a diagnosis is only the start. The potential roller coaster ride is just starting and it will most likely get worse before it gets better. Pray with us that Joe blows away the statistics and gets better.

Praise the Lord:
*It was not the herpes virus (magnified brain damage)
*Because God is Good all of the time!

Thank you all for your faithful prayers.