Tuesday Morning Update

Sorry I don't have a photo this morning. My photographer (Andy) went home to take care of the kids and his dental practice. I've wanted to get a few pictures of our little guy, so I will put a few pictures up later today when I get the chance.

Rejoice with us about what God has done in Mighty Joe:
*Liver enzymes have dropped and his liver is not as swollen!
*All his blood numbers are showing improvement!
*His food amount has increased five-fold without any side effects!
*I have been able to hold/rock him each day!
*I am feeling better too! (Thanks for praying for me!)

Prayer Requests:
His kidneys still aren't working.
He is still making "stupid pee" and now he is making too much!
The ER sent a report that he tested positive for a nasty bacterial infection, so that means more antibiotics (filtered through liver and kidneys that aren't fully functional).

General Prayers:
*His immune system to start working against the virus.
*All the other PICU symptoms which will begin - rejection of catheters, skin rash, etc...

Parent’s Assessment
He is still very swollen, but overall today is a better day and I see little improvements in his alertness and his ability to handle a pacifier.

Thanks for praying for Mighty Joe!