Mighty Joe's Tuesday Night Update

Hi everyone-

Today was a pretty steady day. Joe slept for most of it, but when he awoke he was irritated by diaper rash, bright-eyed, and sucking away on his pacifier. All good! He is still chubby from the fluids, and as a result they couldn't replace his central line IV with a PIC line. Please pray for the swelling to subside so that we can move to a PIC line; the longer the central line stays in Mighty Joe's groin, the more likely it will get infected. The PIC line will allow them to continue his fluids and antibiotics, but it is less likely to become infected. We can also take him home with a PIC line if we have to. A little scary for me, but God is stretching me in many new ways. I am so NOT a medical girl.

He is back on antibiotics because his culture came back positive for bacteria, and if I were a medical girl, I would remember the name. When Fletch updates next, you'll get the technical info :)

When you spend five days in the PICU, you see a lot of sadness. All day long we watched a vigil for a 17-year-old dying of cancer. That young lady lost her fight with cancer tonight and we were broken-hearted to hear her mama sobbing. You can pray for them, if you think of it.

Hold your babies tightly tonight-


p.s. Fletch took a lot of photos tonight when he came after work, so stay tuned for some new views of Mighty Joe!