Wednesday AM Update: Special Visitors!

"My Big Sisters came to see me today!"
Mighty Joe Fletcher

Caroline brought me buckets of smiles today!

Abigail kept good watch over me!

Update: It is way too early to say we are out of the woods, but while we are in the forest, it is getting easier to manage and there are more signs pointing to recovery. We are so thankful for what God has done in the past five days. Here is how He has moved in Mighty Joe's body:

*All his blood numbers have continued to improve.
*He is no longer on fluids, just a nasal tube with formula.
*Today he slept on his belly (more on that below)
*They may even try a bottle today.

Prayer Requests:
His kidneys are still not functioning correctly!
His fluids are always a teeter-totter between too much and not enough!
They want to start a PIC line today to ward off infection from his central line.
He has a horrid diaper rash (that's why he's on his belly without a diaper)
They are trying to cure his bacterial infection with antibiotics.

General Prayers:
Remain the same...
*His immune system to start working against the virus.
*All the other PICU symptoms which will begin - rejection of catheters, skin rash, etc...

Parent’s Assessment
He looks a lot better today. He is not as swollen and he looks more like Joe. We are really hoping that we get to try a bottle for him today!

Thanks for praying for Mighty Joe!