Friday Update

Sorry it took so long to post this update. Mighty Joe has had several visitors today and he had a room change (no, not out of the PICU, just a trip down the hallway). Fletch will have photos on his blog later.

We hit the one week mark early this morning and Joe is doing much better. He looks really good and we are excited to report his progress matches his appearance.

His doctor told us this morning that the only thing keeping Joe in the PICU was his fluid balance and electrolytes (both require close nursing supervision). They are both dependent on healthy functioning kidneys (unfortunately Joe does not have those yet), so we continue to pray for them to start working.

We've gotten used to hearing mixed news this week and there is nothing new today. While they regulate Joe's potassium and kidney disfunction, his blood pressure has been all over the place today, so now they are needing to control that with medication as well.

Digestively, he has enjoyed his four-hour feeding schedule and he only gets supplemented through his nasal tube when he doesn't eat enough from the bottle. We love it, because we get to feed him and hold him every time!

Once he moves downstairs (acute care) one of his big tests will be an MRI to evaluate his brain.

Prayer Requests
***His kidneys need to start working, they are still acting "dumb"
***His electrolytes need to balance
***His blood pressure needs to regulate
***We were told that the MRI mentioned earlier this week is still needed to evaluate the extent of brain trauma. That will require sedation (approx. 2 hour procedure), but they didn't mention when it was going to take place.

Happy Fourth of July!