Up, Up and Away! Mighty Joe soars out of the PICU!

"Not" as Intensive Care!

Fletch Here:

Allow me to begin by repeating the great news from Deuteronomy Chapter 10:

“For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the Great God, Mighty and Awesome.”

Hey! Great news! Joe has been demoted from the PICU to a regular hospital room (Yay!...Now we are in the regular hospital!). We walked in this morning and Dr. Montes greeted us with our departure orders. He will check his progress daily, but didn't believe Mighty Joe needed the intensive nursing care anymore (of course he doesn't...what superhero needs intensive nursing care?).

We met our new doctor and nurse on the main floor (this is Aunt Laura's old stomping grounds...so we've been "name dropping" like crazy). They have reviewed his chart and will be following up with him until we are booted home...

His new room is spacious and he is still right across from the nursing station, it's a much more active floor with kids up and down the hallway (and more healthy!).

How to Pray:

***We are trusting that God will continue to bring his kidneys back to full health. We are guessing he has about 50% usage right now.

***Once his kidneys are 100%, he will get his MRI done.

***For his potassium to regulate on it's own.


If he does excellent...we leave in 2-3 days.

If he does good...we leave in 4-5 days.

If he does average...we are here for another week.

We aren't in a rush to leave and we want him to be healthy, but we love to see God defy the odds with this little guy! What a witness to His power!