Even More Good News!

Fletch again (Sorry, Kendra is too busy feeding the baby!)

Joe's doctor visited today and reported that almost all of his lab results were normal (I asked the doctor if he was making "smart pee" and he had no idea what I was talking about). This is remarkable! They have stopped all medications (for seizures and high blood pressure) and while I was typing this entry, the nurse just removed his nasal food tube and his picc line. Wow...kind of boring to only be monitored for heart rate and oxygen saturation...it's like he is healthy or something (go figure...).

The best part (check this out), Joe's doctor told us that if things go well tonight...Joe could go home tomorrow...

Has someone out there been praying or something? A week ago Joe had a 50:50 prognosis and now we are ready to go home...c'mon...one of you must have been praying. Raise your hand if it was you, because I can't believe we are on the verge of taking Mighty Joe back home.

His hospital release comes with some strings attached, because we'll need to return for an MRI in the next week or so. We'll post tomorrow if Joe is really getting booted and then you can look forward to multiple photos from our party!

Thanks again for your prayer and support through this week!
Andy and Kendra