Is it OK to Rest?

Hi Kendra-

I have four aged 7, 5, 3 and 1. I am pregnant with #5. We are a military family who moves every three years. My husband's hobby besides deploying is remodeling houses. I am responsible for all things related to house and yard upkeep as when hubby is gone it falls on me and it just seems to stay. Hubby remodels and that takes a lot of his free time. I do painting and clean up work for him. For the last two months my kitchen has been in rough shape. No stove for the last month.

Anyway, just trying to paint a pic I guess of lots of activity here. I rarely have time to sit down. Now, I do read to my little people every day- probably at least an hour and a half so I do sit for that and I do have naps and rest each afternoon though I often find myself working while they rest to get dinner started or my desk cleaned off. My kids do work though now we are in lots of training mode. Often I get the kids to bed, do some laundry, clean my desk, plan for the next day, hop in the shower and drop into bed. So many people tell me to rest or take a break. Even my husband will tell me to sit down and yet when I do, something is not getting done. Usually it is something related to our finances that he wants to know that I can not do when the little people are awake. Part of me feels that I need to rest and yet I know how much more smoothly our day goes when I am ready for the new day.

I guess my question is how do you take time to rest to feel rejuvenated? I know now with a newborn and a baby you might not be feeling that for awhile. I rarely socialize with others outside of church and do not talk on the phone very often. I try to read my Bible during nap time, but feel a bit stale in my Bible study. I am really happy with my life overall I just sometimes yearn for a bit of R and R. I know we should have relaxation time with our kids but do you think rest time either to crochet or blog or scrapbook is necessary and how do you factor the time into your busy life?

Thanks so much,
Megan Volmer

Hi Megan-

Yes, it is necessary to rest. Take a break. Clear the air. "Be still and know that I am God." "Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest."

You have a very full plate in this season of your life, and probably have already had that sweet baby or are about to. While there isn't time to lounge by the pool for uninterrupted hours on end, there is always time to take a rest and not feel guilty about it.

God instigated a day of rest from the beginning of time, and that day devoted to Him should be a definite change of pace and focus. Your time in worship, presumably on Sunday morning, is designed by God to bring glory to Him and impart His grace to you through the Gospel. And while we mothers don't ever really get a whole Sunday to rest (there are still meals to make and clean up, diapers to change, etc.), we certainly can devote ourselves to switching gears and slowing down. Ask Him to give you rest at the end of each day and once a week that will sustain and strengthen you for all that lies ahead.