Training Little Ones in Church

Hi Kendra-

We recently started attending a new church here in Singapore. We are the ONLY parents who bring our toddler (19-months) into the service. Generally speaking, he’s pretty good during the service, but I feel like we have to be extra considerate and quiet since we are the only ones. Do you have any good in-the-pew ideas for toddlers?? And, some at-home-training activities, too? We currently do quiet-play (chair time) for 1/2 an hour each day, and lots and lots of read-aloud time (at least two or three 20-minute sessions daily) during which Caleb has to sit still.

Since our 2nd baby is due in about 12 weeks, I feel like now is the time to really focus on Caleb’s training in this area Thanks!



Hi friend!

Congrats on adding sweet Annabelle to your family!

Sounds to me as if you're on the right track by a) being proactive and purposeful, and b) practicing sitting still at home. If I were in your shoes in a church where children aren't the status quo, I'd probably sit in the back for a while until Caleb is a bit older. Doubtless you'll need to be up once or twice during the service, and by sitting in the back you're more apt to bother fewer people.

As for things to do in the pew, I would really recommend that you don't start that now unless you want to be dealing with crayons dropping, pages tearing, etc. down the road. Quiet books are nice, but depending on the child they can be a short term solution. And once we tried Cheerios and were so sorry we started that! Ugh. The crying that ensued once the Cheerios were gone...

Keep looking at the big picture! Sooner than you know Caleb will be taking sermon notes and you'll be so blessed to have him worshiping alongside of you.