Living and Schooling in Small Spaces, Part II

Dana's Part One of Living and Schooling in Small Spaces can be found here.

The dresser above (which will someday be painted black) holds manipulatives for math and phonics, coloring books, art supplies and some office supplies. Dictionaries and thesaurus are kept on top. Hanging above the dresser is a huge cork board where we pin not only the latest drawings and projects but also any lists, instructions and information we are currently learning about. Just by hanging it here, my students upload the information amazingly fast.

As soon as my daughter could sit in a chair unaided (above), I made her a little spot so she could be near us during the school day. The table top has had to hold up to tea parties, watercolors, play dough, and lots of coloring. At six years old, it is still her favorite spot in the house.

Above the dining table hangs a white board and corkboard combo that holds a yearly pocket calendar. This is a catch-all for sports game schedules and invitations. Each week I write appointments and practice schedules under the appropriate days and often the dinner menu. This saves me from hearing, “What’s today Mom?”, or, “How many days until…?” They just check the board.

This is the reading corner in our living room. The box on the table holds everyone’s book(s) they are currently reading and our read aloud. One floor basket contains books on a single subject-- currently weather. The other basket holds our other library books.

Come back Friday for Living and Schooling in Small Spaces, Part III.