Yep, Still Here...


Sitting up after the big walk

Day 6 in the ICU, but we're hoping we get kicked out by this evening ;)

She's walking in a big circle twice a day, but is still breathing too shallow for her good.  She's not eating solids (clear liquids only) but had her heart arterial line removed today (yay!).  We've been blessed with wonderful nurses who aren't accustomed to pediatric ICU patients at this hospital but have been just the perfect caregivers for our girl.

Bit of excitement today.  Despite the fact that we are in a brand new wing of the hospital, our massive and lusty storm was too much for the ceiling in her room and this morning the water broke through in a huge gush!  You've never seen an ICU patient moved so quickly!  Nothing like a busted ceiling to break the monotony, eh?

We're here a while longer.  And someone told me that bitten nails can end up irritating an appendix.  Anyone want to verify or debunk this bit of info?  Our daughter's nails are chewed to the quick, so it's an interesting theory.

So far, here's what you can teach your children by way of the Fletcher family:

1. Wash your hands (Joe's enterovirus)

2. Remain seated until the car comes to a complete stop (little girly's fractured pelvis)

3. Don't bite your fingernails!