Fun, Worthwhile, and Free Additions to Your Workboxes

How are your workboxes or workfiles going this year?  I know not everyone who reads Preschoolers and Peace is using this method of organization, but some are and I thought I'd toss out some little gems I've recently found online.  Get ready to print!

Ed Emberley has created some of our most favorite drawing books ever, and he has generously posted some lovely activities for children on his site.  Fun seasonal projects here, and all of them fit in a workfile.

Worksheet Works provides free customizable worksheets on a variety of topics, from math to language to geography to mazes.

The Amazing Incredible Handwriting Worksheet Maker- just what the site claims to be!

♥ The Crayola site has some great coloring sheets to print out and some neat little cut and color projects, too. also has worksheets and coloring pages, and they're organized by grade level.