To Co-op or Not to Co-op


We still have young kiddos but homeschooling is in the back of our mind. :-) A friend of ours mentioned a new classical education homeschooling co-op getting started recently. I searched for co-ops on your website but couldn't find any articles on the matter. I'm curious if you have participated in co-ops or if you have any advice on the matter. Thank you so much!


Hey Krissy-

We've only ever participated in one co-op and we loved it! But the key, I think, to co-ops of any kind is whether or not they fit your lifestyle and season.

The co-op we belonged to met once a month. Totally do-able. There were lots of nursing moms and noisy little siblings were welcome (although all the moms were very courteous and this was never a problem). I seem to always be nursing someone, so I need a co-op that allows and welcomes a mom who has her eye on many.

The moms with fewer/older children did the bulk of the work, and they realized it and did not mind. Those of us with younger ones/bigger families were not looked down upon if all we could provide was snacks or supplies. Ultimately, I think it was just a good group of gracious women!

I'm not good about doing/joining anything that has me out the door before 9 a.m. Our three girls are in a community choir that rehearses at 10:45 a.m. Again, totally do-able!

I think that's how you need to assess joining a co-op for you. Will it be a blessing to you, or just a big fat burden?