If I Show the Real Me, Won't That Be Unedifying?

I recently had a conversation about blogging with a wise friend. She told me that someone told her that we Christian women shouldn't reveal all the real things in our lives, only the best things. If we show our shortcomings, she explained, that would do nothing to edify others.

Say what? I mean, really, I've tried to figure out a way to approach this subject here graciously, but this one just has me shaking my head. What she's really saying is, "Be fake. Only show others the area of your life in which you have it all together."

I've always tried to write here with an over-arching belief that when we only show other women the areas of our lives in which we currently have success, we aren't edifying them. Pretending we have it all together doesn't do our sisters any favors.

To give my friend's friend the benefit of the doubt, I'm thinking that maybe she just doesn't talk to as many homeschooling moms as I do, particularly new homeschooling moms. I have never, not once, met a homeschooling mom who hasn't told me how much she worried that she was the only one. You know what I mean- the only one struggling, the only one depressed, the only one still floundering about curriculum, housework, how to get it all done, and if she's doing enough. When we admit that we, too, are barely keeping our heads above water, we foster a sense of camaraderie, a deep desire to go to prayer for each other, andhope that "if she can do it, so can I!"  That's called encouragement.

I was waiting for my girls at choir practice today. Sweet mom-of-seven-very-close-together Rachel flagged me down and we had a great little chat there in the parking lot, all the while watching her boys jump in and out of her van.  Boys!

I tried my best to encourage her.  This big family homeschooling journey has its hardships, to be certain. I am, quite frankly, tired of reading blogs and books that only ever put their best feet forward; parenting a lot of children and taking charge of their education is HARD. WORK.  Why can't we just admit it? Thrown in with the fun, laughter, happiness, love, cookies, hair bows, bike jumps, and holidays are poopy diapers, middle-of-the-night barfing fests, fits of emotions, ER visits and hospitalization, financial strain, things destroyed, and a general lack of sleep.

Want to see what was happening in my car while Rachel and I talked?

Now you know why Preschoolers and Peace won the Best Knitty Gritty Blog award. ;)