Encouraging Words: Scripture Cards for the Long Days

My best friend is recovering from her second major surgery in less than two years. It's difficult and daunting.  She's also a mom of 8, trying to keep all those proverbial plates spinning but also trying to just heal.

My recent need to press closer to the Savior and my best friend's current need to do the same prompted me to grab my 6-year-old and set to work on some Scripture cards for the both of us to have handy. My little daughter did the gluing - just scrapbook paper - and I did the writing.

I had pulled out Teri Maxwell's Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit and re-read it after nine years on the shelf. I found myself underlining all of the Scripture she was citing, and it dawned on me that these were the promises I needed to have whispered into my ear in the most difficult of moments each day. If I put them on index cards, I could keep them in my pocket and pull them out as needed. And often.

This is an easy project.  I don't think it took us more than an hour, and it afforded me one-on-one time with my sweetie daughter, too.  That's one of my non-negotiable/flexible goals :)