June Break and Our Goals

Thank you for letting me take a much-needed break. I've been told by other parents of teens that life amps up exponentially during those years, but I have had to see it to really believe it. Two working sons with jobs in two separate towns, relationship management, school work to finish, band practice, Bible study, our home fellowship group, and yes- I still have six other children. Add golf lessons, VBS, and did I mention I have a two-year-old and a three-year-old?

What the month of June did was give me perspective. Out of that perspective came a lengthy late night conversation with my husband about the goals of Preschoolers and Peace. Zeroing in on what is really important (for the blog and in my home), we've decided to implement a few changes based on our goals:

1. I'm sticking to preschoolers.

Increasingly I am receiving questions about parenting philosophy, whether we allow our teens to date, and what my opinion is on someone else's parenting philosophy and whether or not they allow their teens to date. While I realize it can be helpful to hear others' perspectives on parenting issues, it becomes sticky when I don't know you or your children personally. You don't know mine personally either, and even if I paint a perfect picture with glossy photos, you might hate us if you met us ;)

So unless it's a nitty gritty issue like potty training or a request for recipes that might help you have a more peaceful dinnertime, I'll probably refrain from answering. The Holy Spirit is a far better teacher than I could ever hope to be.

2. I want to give you tools.

The original intent of Preschoolers and Peace was to help equip moms who are attempting to educate children at home while at the same time having to manage preschoolers, toddlers, and babies. In that spirit, over the years I have tried to throw a smorgasbord of ideas and options your way so that you might hit on one or two that solves a problem or brings an increased measure of peace to your home.

I'll continue to do so, but I've got to be honest: for at least a year now I have said to my closest friends, "What more do I possibly have to say on the subject?" I feel like I've exhausted the best ideas, although I do still have preschoolers and I may have to reach into the very bottom of the barrel to pull out some new tools to use around here. We'll slowly begin to categorize all the old posts so that you can simply click on a subject on the sidebar and pull up everything on, say, preschool curriculum or sleeping through the night.

3. Either there's less time in the day, or I have more to do.

Because of this reality, I realize that I cannot keep up the pace of three posts per week. I'll post regularly, but I'm not sure what that looks like yet. You are welcome to "friend" me on Facebook, and be sure to join the Preschoolers and Peace fan page, too. Lively discussions occur there on a regular basis.


I love what God's done with this little blog.  I love being available and I love writing.  Preschoolers and Peace has been a gift to my family.