Exercise and Preschoolers: An Interview with Christy

Awhile back I wrote about losing 60 pounds and how I'm keeping it off. I've actually lost 65 now, and would like to drop at least another 10.  We'll see.  I feel great- strong and healthy and energetic, but I've put in a lot of hours and said no to a lot of junk food.  It takes work and time to really get into shape, and I know many of us struggle to add one more thing on top of preschoolers, older kids, homemaking, and homeschooling.

I'd still like to encourage you, though. 

Taking the time to do this for myself has been one of the best decisions I've made as a homeschooling mom.

I have had the help of two wonderful coaches from Beachbody (Beachbody coaching is a free service, by the way) who've helped me choose the right workouts for me and who've been excellent cheerleaders.  Today I'd like to introduce you to Christy, Beachbody coach and homeschooling mom:

Hi, I'm Christy.  I'm a Christian, Navy wife, Beachbody Coach, and homeschooling mom to three kids under the age of eight (four kids in October!).  I'd add that I'm a blogging mom and scrapbooker, too, but the cycle of deployments and moving and then pregnancy started sucking up my time over a year ago, and I'm just starting to get my mojo back (just in time to lose it again when the baby comes!).  I still blog occasionally at After a cup of coffee...or two

Have you always been fit or is this something you've eased into as a mom?

Growing up I was never very active, as I preferred to sit and read and be air conditioned instead of sweaty.  I wasn't overweight, just soft.  But that caught up to me once I graduated from college and the natural activity of youth suddenly ended.  I slowly and steadily gained weight, but didn't really realize it.  I'd think things like, "I should really stop drying my pants.  They keep shrinking."  It wasn't until after I had my first baby and three months later still weighed over 200 pounds that I faced the fact that I was plus-sized, and taking the baby out for a short walk in the stroller wasn't getting me very far!

Are you working out now that you're expecting?

Doctor's orders are no working out for me right now.  But in the beginning I was doing Turbo Jam. It's one of my favorite home workouts.  The music always gets me into it, and I love that every move can be modified for people with injuries, newbies and even pregnancy.

What does a typical workout look like for you?

Being a busy mom means that I really like to keep my workouts less than hour, and I like to do them in the house where I don't have to worry about childcare or naptimes.  I've wasted too much money on gym memberships that didn't get used enough.  I usually do weight training three times a week and cardio two to three times a week.  Beachbody has all of my favorite workout videos, so you can usually find me doing one of their 90-day programs, or mixing and matching their programs to suit my goals and time limits.

What kind of motivation do you find works best for you?

The best kind of motivation is to find your soul mate workout!  If I don't enjoy it, I'm just not going to stick with it.  I can make too many excuses.  Finding support, whether from a workout partner or online is also a huge motivator for me.  Once I became a Beachbody Coach, I found that helping others with their fitness journeys also helped me on mine!

How do you think homeschooling moms of preschoolers can practically make fitness a part of their lives?

I think we really have to schedule it in, because there's always something that comes up to suck up your time!  I've always loved using naptime for a workout.  There are less interruptions and less chance of accidentally kicking a child in the head while kickboxing (oops!), and a baby will usually take at least one 45 minute nap each day.  If that's just not possible, then finding a partner to work out with can help.  The ONLY way I get up at 5:30am to work out is when I know that my friend is going to be knocking on my door to work out with me!

What are the workouts you'd recommend to a mom who's just starting to make fitness a priority?

Walking is always easy when you're new and you can dig a little deeper by using wrist and ankle weights.  For workouts to do in your home, I LOVE Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire from Beachbody.  Both have great music that make the time go by faster and push you to work harder, which means more calories burned in less time.  Both include a 15 or 20 minute workout that helps you to burn max calories in almost no time, which is great for those days when you know you just can't fit a full workout in.

What are your favorite grab-and-go snacks?

My go-to grab and go snack is the P90X Protein Bars from Beachbody.  It's actually good for you and not just a glorified candy bar, although it hits the spot when I have a chocolate craving!  If I have a minute to make something, then I like to top a brown rice cake with natural almond butter, sliced banana and a few drops of honey.  It's a balanced snack but still filling and just the few drops of honey are enough to satisfy my sweet tooth without adding too many calories.

Thanks, Christy!  I appreciate you :)  By the way, everyone, if you watch the little promo video on the Turbo Fire page, note the very first brunette in the dark blue top.  She's a mom of eight!