10 Days of More JESUS in Christmas- Day 4

The more children I've had and the older I get, the more I realize that the only thing I really can do for them is to bring them to Christ.

There are lots of things we do that are helpful and good for them, from nutritional choices to nurturing their talents to family devotions to homeschooling. But none of these things, none of them, nor anything else, will save their souls. Only Jesus can do that.

We read a lot. In fact, one of the two collections I have is Christmas books, and amongst them are some shining lights. Christmas books can be one of those helpful things to point us all to Christ in this season of crazy focus-on-everything-but-Jesus-ness.

Grab a cuppa cocoa and gather your littles and bigs around a warm fire. And show them Jesus through some of the best:



You can find an extensive list of good Christmas books here.


As we spend 10 Days desiring more JESUS in Christmas, let's purpose to do this one thing today:

4. Bring our children to Jesus, every single day. It doesn't matter how, just that we do.


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