10 Days of More JESUS in Christmas- Day 3

As I was pulling out the Christmas decorations to take some photos for this series, I felt the tension start to take over. My breath became short, my heartbeat quickened, and my head began a faint throb. That's not how I want to respond when I think about the upcoming season, but it is what happened when I realized I'd be taking those decorations out for real in about 4 weeks.

And yet, I chose to write about more JESUS in Christmas, not more stuff/tasks/expectations. More Jesus. Somehow I just know that if Jesus were physically coming to my house this year for His birthday celebration, He wouldn't care about anything more than the relationships in my home.

Simple. Relaxed. Joyful. Relationships.

That's what I want, too, but I'm not very good at the relationships thing. I'm really good at to-do lists and working hard and getting stuff done. While that stuff has to be done (well, some of it has to be done), I know that Jesus would be beckoning us all to the living room to sit and talk and fellowship face to face. He wouldn't want me sitting there wishing I was in the next room getting it cleaned up.

Simple. Relaxed. Joyful. Relationships. Jesus.

Those are the five things I want to see this Christmas. You?


As we spend 10 Days desiring more JESUS in Christmas, let's purpose to do this one thing today:

3. Take stock of what really matters.



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