10 Days of More JESUS in Christmas- Day 8



Christmas is all about pretty things. Or is it?

When Jesus came, he did not come to a neatly swept stable. There was no beautiful table laden with hams and turkeys, mashed potatoes and pies. It didn’t smell good in there, either. It could have used a fragrant candle, I’m sure.

When Jesus came, He came into the smell and the stink of humanity. It wasn’t pretty. It’s not any prettier today. He didn’t come for the those who had their acts together. On the wild contrary, He came for the sick, the broken, the destitute, the godless. He came for me.

When we desire to live in the Gospel every day, we acknowledge that we are the broken. We are the needy. We are the ones who stink with the ugliness of sin. We are the ones who need Jesus so badly, it makes us stop all this trying to be good and just fall at His feet in gratitude for His selfless and mighty act of putting Himself into that cradle.

And when we preach the Gospel to ourselves every day, we know from the get-go that we can't add a single thing to what Jesus did on the cross. Not a single thing. We can rest in His beauty, His delight, His cleanliness, His love, and His mercy. The Gospel reaches into our dirty, dark stables and spreads it's light and life into every filthy corner. It's the most beautiful thing ever. Ever.


As we spend 10 Days desiring more JESUS in Christmas, let's purpose to do this one thing today:

8. Preach the Gospel to ourselves every day. We are the stinky mess that Jesus came to save, and we don’t get pretty by doing anything except accepting the Truth that He alone saves. Fully.


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