{pretty, happy, funny, real} Bass Lake Edition

For the past three years, we've gotten together with my two best friends from childhood and their families at a cabin owned by one in Bass Lake, CA. It's always a noisy, silly, fun time with lots of good food and games and kids kinda everywhere.

I love these girls, and I feel super blessed to have them in my life 40 years later!


{pretty: Kristin is a very busy mom and OBGYN who knits between deliveries. She's knitting a sweater for the boys at the Agape home in Kenya}

Jack H Spa.JPG

{funny: 2 brothers wailing on each other in the hot tub}

Bass Lake Group.JPG

{happy: this group just makes me happy}


{real: the photo's not great, but the thumb war was very, very real}