Hands and Hearts History Kits

We've been using Hands and Hearts History Kits from as far back as I can remember. You know we love The Mystery of History for grades K-8, and we study history chronologically in a 4-year cycle simply because that's what works for us. But in addition to listening to the lesson, taking notes (the older kids), coloring pictures (the younger kids) and doing map work, I love to throw in some hands-on projects that enhance our study of the subject.

Hands and Hearts makes really great little kits that come with everything needed. I've become this silly kit-loving girl because really, who wants to throw a bunch of kids in the car and hunt down craft supplies at 4 different stores? By the time I've done that, I have spent any savings I might have garnered simply by driving all over the place and using up valuable time I could have been ____________ (fill in the blank: homeschooling, cooking, knitting, playing with my preschoolers, writing, doing laundry, gardening...)

And besides that, their Ancient Far East kit has a fish print. They give you an actual preserved fish. Now where would I get that?

When I say the kits have everthing, I'm not kidding. They come with paper towels and the instructions tell the kids to make sure they clean up after themselves or their parents might not let them do any more projects in the future (!) Did these people read my mind???  Well, actually, sort of. Hands and Hearts is a small homegrown company begun by Kate Estes, a homeschooling mom just like you and me.

My Abby took a bunch of our finished projects from past years (some of these are at least 5 years old!) and photographed them for you. See how fun and unique? We have entered several of these in the fair and won ourselves some ribbons. Really, what more could I ask for?

By the way, Hands and Hearts isn't paying me to say these nice things :) I'm being complimentary completely on my own, and because I want some of you new-to-homeschooling moms to see all the neat stuff that's out there! And if you're interested in ordering a kit, Hands and Hearts will give you 15% off your entire purchase through June 11th if you use this code: Kendra