Grapevine Studies on Sale for the Fall

If you're intimidated by Bible Study programs that require too much of mom in a homeschool setting, you might really want to take a look at Dianna Wiebe's Grapevine Studies.

I reviewed the Esther study here, and although we've had to take a break from it as we participate in a local Bible study program, we're looking forward to finishing all our stick figures together. We loved the simplicity of the study guides, and I especially loved that we were studying the Bible, just the Bible.

The reason I'm bringing it to your attention again is that Dianna has a sale running for the month of October. All timelines are 15% off until October 15th, and from the 15th until the 31st, all Old Testament Part 1-4 Packages will be on sale.

In addition, use coupon code Fall2012 for 20% any order!