Food Lists and How They Simplify Life Around Here

Chef Abby learning to cook at Le Cordon Bleu


Simplify. That's my motto for 2012, and I'm going with it! For me, simplifying is mostly about getting everything out of my head and onto paper or into my iPhone or onto my computer. Mental clutter?

One of the changes that had to be made with the book needing to be finished this fall was the number of meals I was responsible for. I have 3 teens living in my house and an 11-year-old who adores being in the kitchen, and those kids have more time and energy than I do!

That's nothing new, is it? But we decided to simplify even further. We doled out who would be doing each breakfast, lunch, and snack, and then we chose what those meals would be each day. Every meal stays the same until Christmas, and if we're sick of them by then, we'll change it up.

Here's what we have:

Breakfast- Caroline - cereal
Lunch- Jack - smoothies
Snack- Annesley - apples and peanut butter
Dinner help- Abby

Breakfast- Abby - peanut butter toast
Lunch- Nate - bagels and cream cheese
Snack- Annesley - cheese and crackers
Dinner help- Caroline

Breakfast- Caroline - baked oatmeal
Lunch- Jack - sandwiches (pbj, turkey, tuna, egg salad, grilled cheese) and Frosties
Snack- Annesley - hard boiled eggs and fruit (bananas, apples, etc.)
Dinner help- Abby

Breakfast- Abby - scrambled eggs
Lunch- Nate - chimichangas, taquitos, or bagel bites
Snack- Annesley - trail mix or dried fruit
Dinner help- Caroline

Breakfast- Caroline - muffins, quick bread, etc.
Lunch- Jack - mac and cheese, fruit
Snack- Annesley - celery and peanut butter


And so it rotates. Already the weight is lifted off my shoulders and no one has to come up with any ideas about what's for lunch. It's working!