Motivated Moms Does the Chore Planning For You!

Pssst! There's a giveaway at the bottom of this post!

We're going to start off Organization Week with the tool I love for overall chore planning the most: Motivated Moms

It's a chore system that has over 10,000 pre-planned chores and tasks already assigned, from daily tasks such as "plan and prep dinner" to occasional chores, such as "dust ceiling fans." Honestly, I'm usually good with the daily stuff but our ceiling fans could go years without being dusted if someone doesn't tell me to do it.

I used to use the printable pdf version, and if you're a pen-and-paper gal, you'll want to, too. Now I use the app and love that it's:

1. On my phone/always in my pocket

2. Has an option to color-code and assign tasks by each person's name

3. Can be customized. You can add, delete, delay, or reschedule any task.


Both versions also have a Bible reading plan that you can turn off if you don't want it on your daily list. Some years I loved glancing at my list and having a little guidance.

Yesterday on the Preschoolers and Peace Facebook page, Billie Jean wrote, "I bought the pdf, printed it and had staples spiral bind it for about $3 - it sits on my counter to check off as I go through my day."


I have a coupon code that's good for $1 off through the next two weeks. The code is PEACE, and it will take $1 off your purchase of the pdf version.

Want to win one? Leave a comment telling me the best thing you've done to get organized this year (even if it's a little thing) and you'll be entered to win a copy of either the pdf or the app. Contest ends Friday, January 18th, midnight PST.