Paperless Home Organization ~ YES! I Love This Book

Many of you have asked me what to do about organizing a homeschool, and in fact, I speak on that topic regularly. It's funny to me that when I do a series of workshops at a homeschool convention, the organization workshop is the one that's standing-room-only. 

But I go to those workshops, too. I read books on organization and blogs on organization, and pretty much anything I can glean from on organization. Things are always needing to be tweaked around here.

If you want help with paperless organization, Mystie Winckler has a brand new eBook just for you called Paperless Organization: How to Create a Digital Home Management Notebook


I have been loving and using this book myself, and even though I had a few things set up already, Mystie helped me fine-tune my system and get it running really smart. She will walk you through the steps, and when I say walk you through, I mean she starts from square one and tells you exactly how to go about it. She doesn't advise you about which app to get and then leave you hanging. She gives you the steps to set it all up on your Smartphone and/or computer.

You will end up with a digital "notebook" or binder, just like the organizers we used to use with good old pen and paper. They're so 1995 ;)  

What's the advantage? My mom has asked me this when I wax poetic about digital tools like Evernote. The advantage is threefold for me:

1. I have all of my information available across all platforms: on my laptop, on the web, and on my phone. When I make a shopping list on my laptop while sitting at the kitchen counter, it automatically syncs to my phone and to the internet. I can access it from anywhere.

2. I can then allow anyone else to access it from their computers as well by either telling them how to read it online or sending it from my phone. Super useful when husband or teenager is out and about and I would like them to bring me a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Sometimes.

3. It's paperless. Paperless! I don't lose little slips of notes, shopping lists, or invitations. 


Want to try it out? The retail price will eventually be 7.99, but Mystie is starting it out this month for 2.99. Even better? Use the discount code "peace" for a dollar off the pdf! Coupon good for January 15, 16, and 17th only. 

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