Ten Things About Me You Might Find Fun to Know

Or not. This post is purely frivolous, so feel free to skip it or delete it from your inbox :D


1. I love Bollywood. Rab Ne Bana di Jodi is my current favorite; gotta love a movie with marital fidelity at the center.

2. I am comprised of about 80% dark chocolate almonds

3. I climbed Half Dome. Twice.

4. I learned to surf when I turned 40

5. I have very ugly hands. They looked like wrinkly old lady hands when I was 6, so just imagine what they look like at 42*

6. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday

7. I collect Starbucks city mugs, which is ironic since I don't drink coffee.

8. I love clear Scotch packing tape to adhere pretty nearly anything

9. I taught myself to knit when my hubs was in dental school. We lived in San Francisco and a lovely yarn shop owner took me under her wing and helped me out of my messes. I've been knitting ever since

10. I am a tennis Grand Slam junkie. Wimbledon finals this weekend, but the two guys I root for are both out. Don't even start with me about Serena Williams. 

 *When my daughter read this, she said, "What? I was just thinking about how beautiful your hands are!", which just proves that sometimes, love really is blind.