Wise Words Regarding Homeschool Curriculum

One of my closest friends finished homeschooling this year. Done. I'm super happy for her and her three graduates, but I'm also secretly trying to figure out how to convince her to come homeschool some of mine.

Cheryl had been a Classical Conversations tutor for several years, and she excelled at it. She loved her role teaching the students and she appreciated reading their high school level books and texts for herself. 

And the curriculum grew. Stacks, books, bookshelves brimming. If you've been homeschooling for awhile, you know what I mean. Recently I was chatting with her husband about it all and he said, "Some of it is unopened."


"We would buy something based on someone's recommendation and then it wouldn't get used because something else caught our eye and seemed like a better fit." 

I can relate to that! 

John went on to tell me, "I finally said, 'Cheryl, the key is to use something consistently and get it done. There isn't a magic curriculum.'" 

Wise. Just get it done! And if you feel you don't have the "perfect" curriculum for your homeschool this year, don't sweat it. Just get it done.