Binders and In-boxes

Another system that seems to be working here. This particular cupboard is also in the office. 


The in-boxes are for those pesky pieces of paper that show up daily via mail, children, or otherwise.  They are labeled Catalogs, Receipts, To File, Upstairs (to eventually make their way upstairs), and School.  I find that filing is a task best left for the summer months, so my to-file pile stays the way it is until then.  Being March, everything is looking rather full. 

The basket is filled with all those little miscellaneous things that don't seem categorical and don't have a regular home.

The binders I keep close at hand are labeled Holidays, Home, Gardening, Organizational, Medical, Home Management Reproducibles, Homeschooling Reproducibles, Knitting Journal, Banking, Family Tree, Parenting Resources, Christmas, Speaking Notes, and Copywork.  If you can dream it, a binder it can become.

Binder usage is well-known in homeschooling circles, being that they are both economical and logical.  File cabinets never worked for me and I have found the use of binders far more appealing and useful.  Now, however, most of what I keep is filed digitally, but there are items that are best at home in binders.