Change and Writing and Blogging and Podcasting and YOU

How long have you been reading Preschoolers and Peace?

I began this little blog back in 2006 on a humble blogging platform called Homeschool Blogger. I wrote blog posts, you read. I wrote books, you read. I spoke, you listened. Thank you.

But then, my kids keep growing. The nerve! My writing keeps evolving, and my passions which started small grew into burning infernos for Jesus and the gospel and grace. Preschoolers and Peace holds a chunk of my blogging heart, but it demands more of me than I can give.

Enter Michele. Michele, who has been reading Preschoolers and Peace since 2006. No kidding! Michele, who loves to write, loves to encourage other moms, loves to give her kids and herself and you big doses of Jesus and the gospel and grace. She's a perfect fit here!

I am pouring more time into the podcasting and blogging project over at Homeschooling in Real Life, where I get to talk about - you guessed it! - Jesus and the gospel and grace. I love that! I'm also writing around the web, editing my book about our story, and writing a new eBook. 

This year, I'll have a son graduating college, a son moving out of state to start nursing school, a son who's a senior in high school, a daughter who's a sophomore, an 8th grader doing Classical Conversations, a 5th grader, a 2nd grader, and Mighty Joe forging a new pathway for us into a full-time special ed classroom.

That's just a whole lot of Fletcher crazy.

That's just a whole lot of Fletcher crazy.

Which brings me to the point. You'll see less and less of me here at Preschoolers and Peace. All of the content will stay so you can always reference anything you need, but I will concentrate on improving old posts as I can instead of writing new content. Michele will be writing the fresh stuff, and our prayer is that eventually she'll run the whole show. 

This is not a good thing. This is a truly great thing! Michele brings new life and hope here, and she is wrangling toddlers and preschoolers while I have just one little guy stuck in preschool mode because of his brain, not his age. I just know she has been assigned by God to do this thing!

Here's what you can expect this summer:

  • We'll slow down in July to give ourselves some rest. Fun summer photo posts, links to good content, and maybe some summer recipes, but probably not anything deep and heavy.
  • I'm working on The Mystery of History, Volume IV spreadsheet for those of you who have used my others over the years. It's coming! I promise.
  • I'll also put together The Mystery of History III Read-Louds/Book Lists post for you as soon as I can. Link-heavy posts like that are very time consuming.
  • We'll continue our Monday morning Google Hangouts - have you watched? We're having good, clean fun and throwing out some great ideas, too.
  • We'll be active on the Preschoolers and Peace Facebook page, on our Twitter accounts (Michele's Twitter, Kendra's Twitter) and I'll be producing new podcasts all summer long with HomeschoolingIRL
  • I'm speaking three more times this summer - once in Texas and twice in California. If you would like to see me at your local convention or church group or MOPS group or retreat or wherever, you can access the speaking request form here.
  • It takes actual cash to keep Preschoolers and Peace up and running, and to that end we so appreciate it when you use our affiliate links to make your purchases here. Thank you! We only recommend what we love; a few of our favorites below: