Circle Time: Truly the Best Part of Your Day!

Circle Time truly can be the best part of your day. Tracy wrote me this week to tell me how Circle Time has been a pivotal part of her homeschool day. I just wanted to share with you because it encouraged me to keep going, and it might just encourage you, too.

Hi Kendra,

I heard you speak at Shawna Barr's house years ago.  After that, we started a "circle time" during our homeschool day.  We still have circle time and it is our favorite time of the day!  My boys are teenagers they still enjoy sitting down at 10:30 everyday, no matter what, to pray, read, and just be together.  My two younger girls enjoy this time too and we have you to thank for it.  

We have read through the Bible at least five times because of circle time!  We keep adding to our circle time and it now takes over an hour a day.  Anyway, the Lord has used you in my life and the lives of my children and we are very grateful for it.

Thank you,


So, so thankful for Circle Time and the opportunity to grow with my kids. You too?





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