It's Not Too Late to Put Christ Back in Christmas!

Today is December 16th and I have a confession to make. I'm on the December 8th reading of our advent plan. Ahem. We can't even seem to get the candles lit consistently each night.

You too? It's not too late. It's not too late to pick up your Bible and sit next to your sweet ones on the couch and just read. Light one little candle and call it beautiful.

But if you're really wanting to do something more, I've teamed up with Kerry, of How To Homeschool My Child, to have a Christmas & Advent Giveaway. We're giving away each of these Christmas ebooks! christmas & advent giveaway  ~ If you want to get a copy of any of them, Kerry has given me a Promo Code to let you save 50% ... just for you! (Use Promo Code "dec13") It's not too late to put Christ back in Christmas. And these resources continue AFTER Christmas Day, as they study the star of the Wise Men and the 12 Days of Christmas (December 25-January 5). 3 ebooks that help you keep Christ as the focus of Advent & Christmas. Kerry has included a little information about each one, but you can click on any image to find out more.

Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study

Star of Bethlehem Bible Study - What is the star? ~

You can print out as many copies for your immediate family as necessary. Buy one book and use it with the entire family. Get a copy of the Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study . . .
  • If you want to study Matthew 2 to learn what the Star of Bethlehem is
  • If you have older children and you're looking for family Bible study
  • If you want to tie together Bible and Science
  • If you want to get a BONUS item: Skies of the Cross Bible Study
Here's what others say about the Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study: The Study is Called Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study. Not only is there a fresh focus on Godís AWESOME communication with us throughout time, but you will learn more astronomy than YEARS of study in a text! Kerry takes you deeply into the Word of God to dig out what God has to say about stars, astronomy, astrology, and neatest of all, how God used STARS to tell about His plan for salvation through Jesus Christ! If you are like me and find yourself a bit intimidated when thinking of Astronomy Studies, this is such a fun way to learn more! ANDÖif you are looking for a great Bible Study, you might just love this one, too! ~Cindy Rushton, Rushton Family Ministries

Christmas Celebrations: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany Christmas Celebrations - Dozens of ideas to put Christ back into Advent, Christmas, & Epiphany ~

Your family will find the Christmas Celebrations ebook very useful. Kerry updated & expanded this ebook with an additional 30 pages of ideas. She added Homeschool Tie-Ins throughout. To see a list of 47 ideas included in Christmas Celebrations, click here. Your family will enjoy Christmas Celebrations . . .
  • If you have young kids or older kids
  • If you want to integrate homeschooling into Christmas (it's already done for you in this ebook)
  • If you want to learn about the Christian meaning of our Christmas symbols
  • If you want to focus on Christ during Advent
  • If you want to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas or Epiphany

Christmas Around the World Unit Study

christmas around the world unit study   ~   from

Christmas Around the World Unit Study will be a fun unit study for your family this year. Your family will love studying how other countries celebrate Advent & Christmas. And we make it easy with 1-week or 2-week lesson plans.
  • If you have elementary or junior high kids
  • If you want to learn more about the history of Christmas
  • If you want to use a scope & sequence to plan your homeschool
  • If you want to make some crafts or cook food from different areas of the world
  • If you want a list of books to read that reflect other countries' Christmas celebrations

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