Summer Reading Sale!

Need help fixing the biggest problem area in your homeschool?

Hoping to get a grip on the thing that's plagued your planning and peace all year? Check out the books in the summer reading sale!

Summer is the perfect time to dig in and solve the stuff that has been holding you back. Homeschoolers just like you (I'm one of them!) are getting together to offer you the solutions that have helped us thrive in our homeschools, and we're offering them at one low price, across the board.

Each book is 1.99, and there's no bundle to buy. Just pick what you need and pay 1.99

Click each title below to be able to purchase right from home!
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The 1.99 sale ends on June 2nd, so if there's a title you're wanting, now's the time to grab it! Both of mine - Preschoolers and Peace and Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of the Day will go back to their regular price after the sale, just like the rest. Seize the sale!

Beautiful Easter Books That Point Us to Jesus

Inspired by Jeanie, who asked me on Facebook if I had a list of good Easter books for her to collect, here's our small collection. It's difficult to find Easter books that talk about the real meaning of Easter, isn't it?

I've long wanted to make Easter as big a celebration in our home as Christmas, but our culture just doesn't help us do that. What is celebrated resembles spring, not the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But you know that.

So let's start giving our kids some beautiful Easter memories, shall we? 

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