Update on Our Mighty Joe

Oh, our Mighty Joe. Do you know his story? If not, you can read about our miracle boy from the last update I did, but if you have been one of my sweet readers who has followed his story and loved us by praying for him and our family, we are so grateful. And you can skip ahead. :)

Last month Joe had an extensive speech assessment in order to give us an understanding of what direction his therapy needs to take. Long story short, there are still obvious large gaps in both his visual and auditory processing. 

What that means is that there are a lot of disconnects for Joe; it takes him a far longer time to learn something and cement it in his brain than it would for someone who doesn’t have 4 holes in his brain. 


In January, Joe will be having a new MRI scan. His last one was at 3 months old, and we are looking forward with a lot of curiosity to what the findings will be. Has his brain healed in areas? Where the doctors told us there would be no brain growth, has there been any change? He’ll see the ophthalmologist who specializes in brain injury-related vision problems, an audiologist who will test his hearing and auditory processing, and his pediatric neurologist who has seen him from the beginning.

Joe’s prognosis (blindness, deafness, continual seizures, dyslexia, among others) is based upon where the damage to his brain occurred. Although he has surprised everyone (he sees!), we still see how his brain damage is affecting how he relates to the world.

His specialists love him! He is one fascinating case, and each one is excited to read his charts and test him in their field. But for me? Eeeeeesh. Not so much. This mama has no experience in the areas where Joe needs help. 

Would you pray for me? For us? We are not fearful —   God has been writing this glorious story of His faithfulness —  but we really want to do the best for Joe that we can with the tools that God has provided.

Thank you.